Boyce Link



Conducted by Joe Liles

Part 2


I just turned 80 years old about a month ago.  They give me a party and gave me that picture book there with a family tree of the Link family and of the Cole family.  I’m kin to the Coles as well.  I had three uncles that lived on Cole Mill Road.


Duke Power had a couple of fish fries every summer for the families.  Across the road on the hill, they had two acres in there, I reckon.  There’s a spring over there.  It was bricked up and had a pipe running out.  Water’s running out of there right now, I reckon.  That’s where they had the fish fries.  They had a road going in there.  All the families would go in there, and they’d cook fish.


We’d seine the cooling pond.  It had grass growing all around the sides.  I was too young to pull the seine, but I’d get in there with some of the others and run the fish out of the grass where they could catch ‘em.  I’d beat the reeds and such.  There were some big bass, some bream, and maybe some catfish.  And if we didn’t catch enough fish to feed everybody, they go out and buy some more.  Those were some really nice cookouts.


They’d have square dances, and watermelon slicings, ice cream parties, and stuff like that.  My granddaddy had a string band in his family.  He played guitar, and they had a banjo, a fiddle, and a mandolin.  We had, in my house, a square dance one night.  They would have these parties in somebody’s house.  We had a good time.  You could play tennis up there where those houses are next to the highway.  That’s where the bigshots lived.


Now, we made us a swimming hole in the creek right before it went into the cooling lake.  Duke Power even helped us fix it up.  And all of us children of the families would swim in there.  I never had a swimming suit until I got married!


My family owned all this land here.  I reckon we got it from the McCauleys at one time.  My daddy’s house, my home place, was over there on the other side of that cooling lake.  Duke Power got their land from my family and the McCauleys.  We were kin to the McCauleys.  The McCauley house set between my property and theirs.  It was a big house.  Had an upstairs.  I used to go over there and stay, particularly after Mr. McCauley died.  They embalmed him right in that house.  I would keep Ms. McCauley from being scared at night.  They had a big walnut tree in the yard.  I’d go over there and pick ‘em up.  My daddy had a corn shucker with a crank, and that was good to get the shells off the walnuts.  They had a big gang of guinea hens at the old house.  They would roost in those trees.  If anything would ever come in that yard, those guineas would really be telling you.


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