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Conducted by Joe Liles

Part 3


Next to my home place, right close to the house, my daddy had a building.  My daddy had a store there.  He sold stuff to the people that worked there.  Sell ‘em drinks, cakes, and candies.  The shelves are still in that building now.


In the summertime, lightning would run in from those high tension wires and blow up a transformer.  It was still a safe place to be.  In fact, I would go in there and take a shower!  We didn’t have running water at our house.  They had some nice showers in there for the employees, and they didn’t care if the families went in there and used ‘em, you know.


Duke Power was a good company, but they have changed a lot.


It was a good place to work.  It was a nice community.  But Duke Power just shut it down and sent all the employees, that wanted to go, down to Charlotte to the nuclear plant down there.  The plant closed a few years before my daddy died, and he died in 1969, so that plant must have closed in the sixties.


Before then, Duke Power was sending the power they made here down to Charlotte.  But they built that nuclear plant down there, and they had more power than they needed.  So they didn’t need this place anymore.  Duke Power laid off most all their people at this place. 


You know, when they had that ice storm here a few months back, they had people come in here from Alabama, Georgia, and everywhere to do the work.  Duke Power don’t do that anymore. 


We had a limb to blow off one of these big trees.  It’s been two or three years ago.  And it was hanging down on this wire, the feeder wire from the transformer coming into the house here.  It was about head high off the ground.  It was pulled down that much.  So, I called Duke Power, and she said they won’t come out and take that limb off.  Used to, they would.  She says just catch hold of that limb and pull on it.  If it breaks the wire, they’ll come out there and put the wire back up.  It don’t make sense, but that’s what they told us.  And that’s what we done.  We pulled it off and it didn’t break the wire!


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