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2005 Eno River Calendar

  In the spring of both 2003 and 2004 Joe Liles', an instructor at the NC School of Science and Mathematics, took his students on explorations of Fish Dam Road. Click the link above to read more on Fish Dam Road and the explorations. 

The results of their explorations have been so interesting that Fish Dam Road will become the focus of the 2005 Eno River Calendar. Along with contributions from students will be work submitted by local photographers, historians and writers. The calendar is being assembled by a committee of volunteers (you can see who's working on it by clicking the Calendar Committee). Joe Liles, of course, is an essential member of the committee along with David Southern, a local historian who has been working very closely with Joe for the past two years.

There's a planned layout of the calendar, beginning at the eastern end of Fish Dam Road, at the Indian village on the Neuse River. Over twelve months the calendar will highlight places and people along the road headed west, ending at the Indian village on the Eno at Hillsborough. Read a month by month description of the calendar plan: click here.

There are a lot of people giving their time and energy to making the calendar a reality. You can view a list of names of people to whom we owe a debt of appreciation by clicking here.