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NC School of Science and Mathematics

2004 Student Intensive

The Search for Fish Dam Road

Notes from the Field

Vaishali Kashwap, Student

Monday, April 5

  The day started off a little slow but we finally left the school and made our way to the home of Marion Sands and, across Howe Street, the home of her nephew, Larry Baker. Mrs. Sands told us about her history and how it was growing up in Seven Oaks, which is the name of the area that Mrs. Sands now currently lives on. I loved her she was so funny and happy. She is now 89 years old and still has got a young girl inside. Seven Oaks was first owned by the great great great great great grandfather of Mrs. Sands. His name was Barnaby Cabe. He was a Tory aka a loyalist to the Crown of England. Mrs. Sands was 4 and a half years old when she moved to Seven Oaks. She told us about how there weren't any resources like the ones we have today and some things that we take for granted. Such as heat, water, light, and bathrooms, just many open pastures. On the farm they grew produced tobacco, eggs, hens, and buttermilk. I loved to hear stories about hog killings and other stories of growing up on the farm. It made me feel like a little kid again. I would like to thank her for those delicious donuts that she gave to us! YUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYY!!!

Our next stop was near a development, where we located 2 Mom and Pop trees, which gave us the clue that Fish Dam Rd. was near by. We did some hiking in the woods and found it. Then we headed back in the opposite direction. After crossing Sparger Road and near a development we made sure that we were quiet. Shhhhhhh!! At this point the signs of the road were more obvious.

We made our way back to the other side of 85 on Berini Drive, where most of Fish Dam Road was paved over. We walked behind a couple homes with the permission of homeowners. We found some subtle signs of the road and followed it until we made it to 85 and couldn't go any further.

We then met up with a lady at her home. Where she had these two very cute dogs!! :). Fish Dam Road just happens to run across her front yard throught the front and across her back yard. Also in her back yard we found a big HOLE! We sat there and made some conclusions on what this hole was used for. One thought was that it was a basement that was dug for vegetables, so that they would stay fresh and preserved because it would most likely be dark and cold. Another thought was that it was a foundation for a home, which probably belonged to an old Tuscarora Indian that moved to this area. His name was Henry Bunch and was known as a free person of color. He came here and started his famiy near Croasdaile Farm. We also learned some about the home that rests next to the road, which was owned by a northerner, named Jimmy the Greek Snyder who was a sportscaster and was a "legalized bookie". He built this house because he came down South to lose weight because he was obese and came to try the Rice Diet.

Then we made our way back to the school to rest and start again the next day on another journey for "The Search of Fish Dam Road"