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NC School of Science and Mathematics

2004 Student Intensive

The Search for Fish Dam Road

Notes from the Field

Laura Lookadoo, Student

Tuesday, April 6

  Today we started off by visiting Huckleberry Springs where we met up with Mr. Mike Curry who is the current owner. Mr. Curry told us the history of Huckleberry Springs. It was originally owned by the Riley brothers. Mr. Liles told us stories about Sam Riley and how he got the nickname marrying Sam. The Riley brothers left Huckleberry Springs to their nephew John Lawrence who eventually sold the land to Mike Curry. The spring water was bottled and sold in Durham for a long time, and was also used as a community gathering place.

After we had heard all of the great stories Mr. Curry and Mr. Liles had to tell us we got to follow the stream to find the old dam that had been broken. Then we headed to Mr. and Mrs. Leggett's backyard to trace where Fish Dam Road went through there.

Next, we went to Duke Homestead where the tobacco museum is located. Here we were allowed to tour the tobacco museum, walk the path outside, or a little of both. The tobacco museum contained many interesting exhibits about the history of tobacco in North Carolina. The path outside showed many old buildings such as houses and farms. The scenery was absolutely beautiful!

We then made two very brief stops, once next to a church that Fish Dam Road went by, and at the Catsburg store.

Finally we went to follow Fish Dam Road by Ellerbe Creek. We even were able to distinguish between the old road and where old train tracks once were located. When we got to the creek we decided to build a temporary bridge and cross the creek. Some of us crossed using a beaver dam instead of the one we built.

We all made it safely back to the school, and had a wonderful time.

We had a meeting later that afternoon in order to look at maps that related to Fish Dam Road in different ways. And we discussed what our individual/group contributions would be for our final project.