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Joe Liles interviewed several of the long-time residents along Fish Dam Road. Click the names below to read their stories.

These are the interviews so far:

Mary Scarlett Jones - Interview with African American woman, born in 1912, who grew up in a cabin next to Fish Dam Road.  Covers girls' and women's experiences from chitterling preparation to midwifery during the 1920's and 30's.  Experiences of one-room schoolhouse shared.  First person accounts of traveling on Fish Dam Road.

Boyce Link - Interview with white man, born in 1920, who grew up on the premises of the Southern Power Village.  Descriptions of how the power plant worked and how a community of people grew up around it.

John Scarlett - Interview with 84 year-old African American man, younger brother of Mary Scarlett Jones, who grew up in a cabin next to Fish Dam Road.  Covers boys' and men's experiences from hog killing to farming.  World War II experiences briefly covered.

Scott Harkey - Interview with 90 year-old white man who operated a portable saw mill around the Neuse River western end of Fish Dam Road.  Descriptions of saw mill operation, tobacco farming, and life on the home front during World War II.