John Scarlett


October 26, 2003

Conducted by Joe Liles

Part 6



After I got out of elementary school, James and I would cut wood up on the Linden Road farm.  Cord wood.  Wed cut wood and my father would sell it to the people to cook with or what not.  Wed cut it, split it, and put it in some kind of rack.  My father would keep us busy, but I never heard him tell nary one of us to hurry up.  I overheard him one time:  Im going to keep my boys busy.  If they aint got nothing to do, Ill just have em take rocks from here and carry em over there and pile em up.  And if we aint got nothing else to do, I just get em to take em from over there and move em back over here.  But that kept us busy, and it kept us out of the street.  My father, he learned us how to work!


After we got up a little age, hed let us have Saturday afternoons off.  Wed go someplace to a ball game, play baseball.  There was the school over here where I went called Wardsville, there was a school over farther called Cool Spring.  And wed play them teams.  Later on, we would play West Durham which was called Hickstown.  Then sometimes, wed go to Hillsborough and play Hillsborough, or Hillsborough would come play us.


One of the men at Duke Power had a son.  He learned how to keep them teams rotated.  Youd have to call him the team manager.  We kept entertained.  These were all black teams.  Now Duke Power up here had a white team, but our ball team was separate.


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