Spring wildflowers on the Eno

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Erechtites hieracifoliaFireweed, Burnweed
Erigeron annuusDaisy Fleabane
E. CanadensisHorseweed
E. pulchellusRobin's-plantain
E. strigosusDaisy Fleabane
Erodium cicutariumHeron's Bill
Eryngium yuccifoliumRattlesnake-master
Erythronium americanum Trout LilyTrout Lily, Dogtooth VioletAn early blooming lily that covers many slopes along the river and its tributaries. The mottled leaves can be identified as early as late February.
E. umbilicatumDimpled Trout Lily
Eupatorium albumWhite Thoroughwort
E. altissimum White SnakerootWhite Snakeroot
E. aromaticumLesser Snakeroot
E. capillifoliumDog-fennel
E. coelestinumBlue Thoroughwort
E. fistulosumJoe-pye-weed
E. hyssopifoliumHyssop-leaved Thoroughwort
E. perfoliatumCommon Boneset
E. purpureumSweet Joe-pye-weed
E. rotundifoliumRound-leaved Thoroughwort
E. rugosumWhite Snakeroot
E. serotinumLate-flowering Thoroughwort
E. sessilifoliumUpland Boneset
Euphorbia corollata Flowering SpurgeFlowering SpurgeThese tiny flowers are found throughout the summer along field edges and even in sunny spots in the woods.
E. supineMilk-purslane, Spotted Sandmat
Fagopyrum esculentumBuckwheat
Fragaria virginianaWild Strawberry
Galax aphylla GalaxGalax, BeetleweedAn evergreen ground cover more at home on our mountain slopes. The Eno's steep north facing banks boast several colonies of this plant.
Galinsoga ciliataGallant Soldier
Galium aparineCleavers, Sticky Willy
G. circaezansLicorice Bedstraw
G. pilosumHairy Bedstraw
G. tinctoriumStiff Marsh Bedstraw
Gaultheria procumbensWintergreen
Gaura angustifoliaBee Blossom
Gentiana saponaria Harvest BellsHarvest Bells, Soapwort GentianUncommon and frequently overlooked. It blooms late in semi-shaded upland woods, bogs and ditches.
Geranium carolinianumCarolina Geranium
G. maculatum Spotted Wild GeraniumSpotted Wild GeraniumA spring blooming woodland flower. Usually prefers lowlands and ravines. Foliage is distinctive and recognizable well into the summer.
G. molleDovesfoot Geronium
Geum canadenseWhite Avens
G. virginianumCream Rough Avens
Gillenia stipulataIndian Physio
G. trifoliateBowman's Root, Fawn's Breath
Glecoma hederaceaGround-ivy, Gill-over-the-ground
Gnaphalium obtusifoliumRabbit Tobacco, Everlasting, Cudweed
G. purpureumCudweed
Goodyera pubescensDowny Rattlesnake Plantain
Gratiola virginianaHedge Hyssop
Habenaria ciliaris Yellow Fringed-orchidYellow Fringed-orchidIncreasingly rare in the Eno valley and elsewhere. Prefers bogs, meadows and grassy hills.
H. clavellataSmall Green Wood-orchid
H. cristataCrested Yellow Orchid
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