Spring wildflowers on the Eno

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H. flavaPale Green Orchid
H. orbiculata Round-Leaved Orchid
H. peramoena Purple Fringeless-orchidPurple Fringeless-orchidThis tall orchid found chiefly in Southwest North Carolina is rare in the piedmont where it is found only in permanently moist woods near the Eno and Flat Rivers.
Haplopappus divaricatusHaplopappus
Helenium amarumSneeze-weed
H. autumnale Common Sneeze-weedCommon Sneeze-weedA shrubby fall blooming composite of open ditches and wet fields.
Helianthus angustifolius Swamp SunflowerSwamp SunflowerA late blooming sunflower found in ditches and wet meadows.
H. annusCommon Sunflower
H.. atrorubensPurple Disk Sunflower
H. decapetalusThinleaf Sunflower
H. divaricatusWoodland Sunflower
H. giganteusGiant Sunflower
H. microcephalusSmall Woodland Sunflower
H. strumosus Pale SunflowerPale Sunflower
H. tuberosusJerusalem Artichoke
Heliopsis helianthoidesSmooth Ox-eye
Hemerocallis fulvaDaylily
Hepatica Americana HepaticaHepatica, LiverleafAn early bloomer named for leaf color and shape. Start looking on sunny south-facing slopes as early as February.
Heterotheca graminifoliaGrass-leaved Golden Aster
H. marianaMaryland Golden Aster
H. subaxillarisCamphor Weed
Heuchera AmericanaAlumroot
Hexastylis arifoliaWild Ginger, Arrowleaf Ginger
H. lewisiiLewis' Heartleaf
H. minorLittle Heartleaf, Wild Ginger
H. virginicaVirginia Heartleaf, Wild Ginger, Little Brown Jug
Hibiscus moscheutos Rose MallowRose MallowA tall and showy flower of mid-summer that is found around pond edges and wet ditches. Needs full sun.
H. trionumFlower-of-an-hour
Hieracium gronoviiQueen Devil
H. pratenseKing Devil
H.. venosumRattlesnake-weed
Holosteum umbellatusJagged Chickweed
Houstonia caerulea BluetsBluetsTiny masses of flowers are also known as Quaker Ladies. These can show up almost anywhere by mid-March.
H. pusillaStar-violet
H. purpureaSummer Bluets, Large HoustoniaThis larger and taller version of Bluets is frequently found along trails, roadsides and powerlines.
H. tenuifoliaLong Leaf Summer Bluet, Houstonia
Hybanthus concolorGreen Violet
Hydrocotyle umbellateMarsh Pennywort
Hypericum denticulatumCoppery St. John's-wort
H. gentianoidesPineweed
H. hypericoidesSt. Andrew's Cross
H. mutilumDwarf St. John's-wort
H. nudifiorumEarly St. John's-wort
H. perforatumCommon St. John's-wort
H. punctatumSpotted St. John's-wort
H. stragalumLow St. Andrews Cross
H. stansSt. Peter's-wort
Hypochoeris radicataCat's-ear Yellow Star-grass
Impatiens capensis Jewel-weedJewel-weedA shrubby summer blooming annual. Its name derives from the bright turquoise visible after rubbing off the outer coating of the seed. Also called Touch-Me-Not because the ripe seed pod explodes when touched.
Ipomoea coccineaRed Star Morning-glory
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