Spring wildflowers on the Eno

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I. hederaceaIvy-leaved Morning-glory
I. lacunoseWhite Star Morning-glory
I. pandurataMan-root
I. purpureaTall Morning-glory
Iris cristata Dwarf Crested IrisDwarf Crested IrisA short-stemmed wild Iris that colonizes large areas along river and stream slopes. Blooms in March and April.
I. vernaDwarf Violet Iris
Isopyrum biternatum (Enemion biternatum) False Rue-AnemoneIsopyrum, False Rue-AnemoneA rare member of the Buttercup family that can be found along the Eno at Willie Duke's Bluff. Overlooked because if its resemblance to Windflower.
Isotria verticillataLarge Whorled Pogonia
Justicia AmericanaWater-willow
Krigia dandelionPotato Dwarf Dandelion
K. virginicaVirginia Dwarf Dandelion
Kuhnia eupatorioidesFalse Boneset
Lactuca CanadensisCanada Lettuce
L. floridanaWoodland Lettuce
L. graminifoliaGrassleaf Lettuce
Lamium amplexicauleHenbit, Dead-Nettle
L. purpureumPurple Dead-nettle
Laportea CanadensisWood-nettle
Lechea racemulosaPin-weed
L. tenuifoliaNarrowleaf Pinweed
Lemna perpusilla Duck WeedDuck WeedLook closely at bright green ponds and backwaters. You may be surprised to find thousands of these tiny plants covering the water surface.
Lepidium campestreCow Cress, Peppergrass
Lespedeza cuneataChinese Lespedeza
L. intermediaLespedeza
L. procumbensTrailing Lespedeza
L. virginicaSlender Lespedeza
Liatris graminifolia Dense Blazing StarDense Blazing Star, LiatrisLate summer spikes of this plant add color and contrast to roadsides and powerlines when they are in bloom with several species of yellow composites.
L. scariosaBlazing Star, Devil's Bite
L. squarrosaScaly Blazing Star, Liatris
L. squarrulosaAppalachian Blazing Star, Earl's Blazing Star
Ligusticum canadenseLovage
Lilium michauxii Michaux's or Carolina LilyMichaux's or Carolina LilyCheck out bright spots of color in the woods in July and you just might find this uncommon Lily.
Linaria CanadensisToad-flax
Lindernia dubiaYellowseed False Pimpernel
Linum striatumRidged Yellow Flax
L. virginianumWoodland Flax
Liparis lilifoliaTwaybladeThis minature orchid has two shiny leaves that appear oily. A close look is needed to appreciate the mauve orchid flowers on the spike.
Lithospermum arvenseGromwell Puccoon
L. canescens Hoary PuccoonHoary Puccoon Another rare plant that grows in the prairie remnant glades on circumneutral soil near the Eno. Blooms in late March to early April.
Lobelia cardinalis Cardinal FlowerCardinal FlowerA lobelia of moist pastures, pond shores, muddy and marshy banks of tributaries in the woods. A summer blooming plant.
L. glandulosa Glade Blue LobeliaGlade Blue LobeliaAn uncommon lobelia found in the low woods and marshy areas near the Eno River.
L. inflataIndian-tobacco
L. nuttalliiBlue Lobelia
L. puberulaDowny Blue Lobelia
L. spicataPale Spike Blue Lobella
Ludwigia alternifoliaSeedbox
L. decurrensWingleaf Pinrose Willow
L palustrisMarsh Seedbox
Lycopus rubellusBugleweed
L. virginicusWater Horehound
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