Spring wildflowers on the Eno

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Lysimachia ciliataFringed Loosestrife
L. nummulariaMoneywort, Creeping Jenny
L. quadrifoliaWhorled Loosestrife
L. tonsaSouthern Yellow Loosestrife
Malaxis unifoliaGreen Adder's Mouth
Marshallia obovata Barbara's ButtonsBarbara's ButtonsA spring blooming composite of roadsides and open areas, frequently overlooked because other species are profusely blooming at the same time.
Matelea carolinensisCarolina Milkvine
M. decipiensGlade Milkvine
M. gonocarpaAngle-pod
Mecardonia acuminataAxilflower
Medeola virginianaIndian Cucumber-root
Medicago sativaAlfalfa
Melilotus albusWhite Sweet Clover
M. officinalisYellow Sweet Clover
Melothria pendulaGuadalupe cucumber
Menispermum canadenseMoonseed
Mikania scandensClimbing Hempvine, Climbing Boneset
Mimulus alatusSharp Wing Monkey-flower
M. ringensAllegheny Monkey-flower
Mitchella repensPartridge Berry
Mollugo verticilataCarpet-weed
Monarda fistulosaWild BergamotPine-sap
M. uniflora Indian PipeIndian PipeThis plant pops up overnight. Pale and shiny and without chlorophyll, it also merits its name of Corpse Plant.
Monotropsis odorataSweet Pine-sap
Muscari racemosaGrape Hyacinth
Mysotis scorpioidesTrue Forget-me-not
M. vernaSpring Forget-me-not
Myosurus minimusMousetail
Nasturtium officinaleWater Cress
Nemophila microcalyxBaby Blue-eyes
Nuphar luteumSpatter-dock, Yellow Pond-hly
Obolaria virginicaPennywort
Oenothera biennisEvening Primrose
O. fruticosaNarrow Leaf Evening Primrose, SundropsA common and underappreciated summer wildflower of fields, pastures and roadsides.
O. laciniataCutleaf Evening Primrose
O. speciosaPink Ladies
Orchis spectabilis Showy OrchisShowy OrchisLook for this unusual low growing orchid in low wet areas near streams in rich hardwood forests.
Ornithogalum umbellatumStar Of Bethlehem
Orobanche unifloraBroomrape, Cancer-root
Orontium aquaticum Golden ClubGolden ClubA waxy-leaved aquatic whose common name literally describes the bloom spike. The starchy roots were used by the natives for food.
Osmorhiza longistylisSweet Chervi, Licorice Rootl
Oxalis strictaYellow Wood Sorrel
O. violaceaViolet Wood Sorrel
Panax quinquefoliumGinseng, Sang
Paronychia fastigiataHairy Forked Nail Wort
Parthenium integrifolium Wild QuinineWild QuinineCommon name is derived from its use as a substitute for quinine in the treatment of urinary tract inflammations.
P. integrifolium auriculatumGlade Wild Quinine
Passiflora incarnataMaypops, Purple Passion-flower
P. luteaMaypops, Yellow Passion-flower
Pedicularis CanadensisWood-betony, Lousewort
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