Spring wildflowers on the Eno

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R. hispidusBristly Buttercup
R. micranthusRock Buttercup
R. parviflorusSmallflower Buttercup
R. pusillusLow Spearwort
R. recurvatusBlisterwort, Buttercup
Raphanus raphanistrumWild Radish
Rhexia mariana Meadow-beautyMeadow-beautyThe more common and the paler of our two Rhexias. Both species love ditches and low wet fields.
R. virginicaHandsome Harry
Rhynchosia tomentosaTwining Snoutbean
Rorippa palustrisBog Yellow Cress
Rudbeckia fulgidaOrange Coneflower
R. triloba Browneyed SusanBrowneyed SusanA colorful and prolificly blooming composite the favors roadsides and powerline clearings. Frequently cultivated for a garden perennial.
R. hirtaBlackeyed Susan
R. laciniataGreen Cone Flower
Ruellia caroliniensis Ruellia, Wild PetuniaRuellia, Wild PetuniaOne flower at a time, this little plant blooms over a large part of the summer.
R. humilisFringeleaf Wild Petunia
R. purshianaPursh's Petunia
Rumex acetosellaSheep-sorrel, Sour-grass
R. crispusDock, Sorrel
R. obtusifoliusDock, Sorrel
R. verticillataSwamp Dock
Sabatia angularis Rose PinkRose PinkLook for this bushy annual in recently disturbed soil such as highway widening and along new utility lines.
Sagittaria latifolia Broadleaf ArrowheadBroadleaf Arrowhead, Duck-potato, WapatoAn aquatic plant of pond edges and other permanently wet spots. Submerged bulb was commonly used as food by natives, hence Duck Potato.
S. longirostraLongbeak Arrowhead, Duck-potato, Wapato
Salvia azureaAzure Blue Sage
S. lyrataLyre-leaved Sage
S. urticifoliaNettleleaf Sage
Sanguinaria Canadensis BloodrootBloodrootA member of the poppy family - blooms very early on rich wooded slopes. Name is derived from its blood-red roots used for dyeing.
Sanicula CanadensisSanicle, Black Snakeroot
S. gregariaClustered Black Snakeroot
S. marilandicaMaryland Sanicle
S. smalliiSmall's Black SnakerootSoapwort
Saururus cernuus Lizard's-tailLizard's-tailA wetland plant that can totally fill wet sloughs in the floodplain - blooms in June.
Saxifraga virginiensisEarly Saxifrage
Shrankia microphyllaSensitive Briar
Scleranthus annuusScleranthus
Scutellaria ellipticaHairy Skull-cap
S. integrifoliaHoary Skull-cap
S. laterifoliaTall Skullcap
S. leonardiiLeonard's Skullcap
S. nervosaVeiny Skull-cap
S. ovataHeartleaf Skullcap
S. serrataSkull-cap
Sedum ternatumWoodland Stonecrop
Senecio aureusGolden Ragwort
S. pauperculusGroundsel, Balsam
S. srnalliiSmall's Golden Ragwort
Shortia galacifolia Oconee BellsOconee BellsThis spring blooming plant's species name is derived from the fact that the round shiny leaves resemble Galax. This endangered plant is mainly found on slopes in humid gorges in three mountain counties.
Sida spinosaPrickly Mallow, Fan Petals
Silene antirrhinaSleepy Catchfly
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