Spring wildflowers on the Eno

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S. stellataStarry Campion
S. virginica Fire PinkFire PinkStar shaped bright red flowers. The common name derives from the old name of 'Pink Family'.
Silphium asteriscusStarry Rosinweed
S. compositumRosinweed
S. terebinthenaceumPrairie Rosinweed
Sisyrinchium angustifoliurmNarrow Blue-eyed Grass Blue-eyed Grass
Sium suaveHemlock Water-parsnip
Smilacina racernosaFalse Solomon's Seal A lily whose common name belittles its beauty - more clearly it should be called Plumed Solomon's Seal.
Solanum arnericanumBlack Nightshade
S. carolinenseHorse NettleTall Golden Rod
S. argutaAtlantic Golden Rod
S. bicolorSilver Rod
S. caesiaWreath Golden Rod
S. canadensis Canada Golden RodCanada Golden RodFrom late summer into fall is a good time to study the Goldenrod species. This is only one of at least 16 in the Eno watershed.
S. erectaGolden Rod
S. giganteanGiant Golden Rod
S. junceaEarly Goldern Rod
S. (Euthamia) microcephaliaSlender Goldern Rod
S. microcephalaGolden Rod
S. nemoralisGray Golden Rod
S. odoraAnise Golden Rod
S. rugosaWrinkle-leaf Golden Rod
S. speciosaShowy Golden Rod
Sonchus asperSpring Sow Thistle
S. oleraceusCommon Sow Thistle
Sparganiurn americanumBur-reed
Specularia bfiloraVenus' Looking-glass
S. perfoliataVenus' Looking-glass
Spiranthes grayiLittle Ladies'-tresses
S. ovalisOctober Lady Tresses
S. vernaSpring Ladies Tresses
Stellaria graminifoliaGrasslike Starwort
S. mediaCommon Chickweed
S. puberaGiant Chickweed
Stenanthium gramineumFeatherbells
Strophostyles umbellatePink Fuzzybeab, Beach Pea
Stylosanthes bifloraPencil Flower
Taenidia integerrimaGolden Alexander, Yellow Pimpernel
Talinum teretifoliumRock-portulaca, Fame Flower
Taraxacum officinaleDandelion
Tephrosia spicataSpiked Hoarybean
T. virginianaGoat's Rue
Teucrium canadenseGermander
Thalictrum polygamumMeadow Rue, King of the Meadow
T. revolutumWaxleaf Meadow Rue
T. thalictroides Windflower, Rue-AnemoneWindflower, Rue-AnemoneSeemingly fragile, this early spring ephemeral which starts blooming in March can be found in many habitats.
Thaspium barbinodeHairyjoint Meadow Parsnip
T. trifoliatumPurple Meadow Parsnip
Thermopsis mollisBush-pea
Thlaspi arvenseField Pennycress
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