Spring wildflowers on the Eno

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Tiarella cordifolia FoamflowerFoamflowerDense spikes of flowers from a rosette of rounded leaves colonize stream banks and wet ditches. Early April is prime time.
Tipularia discolor Crane-fly OrchidCrane-fly OrchidA cryptic colored spike of orchid blooms shows up in July - the leaves are only evident in the fall and winter and are very distinctive being green on top, maroon underneath.
Tovara virginianaJumpseed
Tradescantia ohiensis Spiderwort, BluejacketSpiderwort, BluejacketThe 3-petalled flowers bloom at the rate of one a day but the blooming period spans several weeks during spring and early summer. The Spiderwort name may have been derived because of the angular leaf arrangement that resembles a squatting spider.
T. virginianaVirginia Spiderwort
Tragia urticifoliaNettleleaf Noseburn
Trichostema dichotomumForked Blue Curls
Trifolium arvenseRabbit-foot Clover
T. campestreLow Hop Clover, Field Clover
T. dubiumLow Hop Clover, Suckling Clover
T. hybridumAlsike Clover
T. pratenseRed Clover
T. reflexumBuffalo Clover
T. repensWhite Clover
Trillium catesbaei Catesby's Trillium Catesby's Trillium Lookon rich slopes and the sides of ravines for this trillium that hides beneath its 3 leaves.
Trillium luteumYellow Wake Robin
Tristeum perfoliatumHorse Gentian
Typha latifoliaBroadleaf Cat-tail
Uvularia perfoliataPerfoliate Bellwort
U. pudicaMountain Bellwort
U. sessilifollaWild Oats
Valerianella locustaCorn Salad
V. radiataCorn SaladMoth Mullein
V. ThapsusWoolly Mullein
Verbena bonariensisPurpletop Verbena
V. simplexNarrowleaf Verbena
Verbesina alternifoliaWingstem
V. occidentalis Dutchman's BreechesYellow CrownbeardA showy yellow composite that seems to prefer neutral soils but will take over flower gardens almost anywhere!
Vernonia glaucaBroadleaf Ironweed
V. noveboracensisNew York Ironweed
Veronica arvensisCorn Speedwell
V. hederaefoliaIvy-leaf Speedwell
V. officinalisCommon Gypsyweed
V. peregrinaNeckweed
V. persicaBirdeye Speedwell
V. serpyllifoliaThymeleaf Speedwell
Vicia angustifoliaGarden Vetch
V. carolinianaCarolina Vetch
V. grandifloraLarge Yellow Vetch
V. villosaWinterVetch
Vinca minorMyrtle, Periwinkle
Viola affinisLe Conte's Violet
V. eriocarpaSmooth Yellow Violet
V. hastate Halberd-leaved Yellow VioletHalberd-leaved Yellow Violet
V. hirsutulaSmall Woodland Violet
V. palmateEarly Blue Violet
Dicentra cucullaria Common Blue VioletCommon Blue VioletUnderappreciated because it occurs so many places - begins blooming early and persists into the summer in favorable habitats.
V. pedataBird-foot Violet
V. primulafoliaPrimrose-leaved Violet
V. rafinesquiiJohnny-jump-up
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