Spring wildflowers on the Eno

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A. dumosusRice button Aster
A. grandiflorus Large-Flowered Aster
A. patensLate Purple Aster
A. paternuusToothed Whitetop Aster
A. pilosusHairy White Oldfield Aster
A. solidagineusNarrowleaf Whitetopped Aster
A. vimineusSmooth White Oldfield Aster
Aureolaria flava Smooth false foxgloveSmooth False FoxgloveLate blooming tall spikes of flowers - Plant is parasitic on the roots of oaks. Prefers dry, open, deciduous woods.
A. virginicaDowny False Foxglove
Baptisia australis Blue wild indigoBlue Wild IndigoA rare species of Baptisia associated with the prairie remnant glades around Penny's Bend.
B. tinctoriaRattle-weed, Horsefly Weed
Barbarea vulgarisWinter Cress
Belamcanda chinensisBlackberry-lily
Bidens bipinnataSpanish Needles
B. aristosa Bur marigoldBur Marigold, Tick-SeedA profusely blooming annual of early fall that literally takes over newly mowed powerlines and roadside ditches.
Blephilia ciliataWood-mint
Boehmeria cylindricalFalse Nettle
Boltonia carolinianaDoll's Daisy
Cacalia atriplicifoliaPale Indian-plantain
Calystegia sepiumHedge Bindweed
Capsella bursa-pastorisShepherd's-purseToothwort
C. concatenata ToothwortFound in early spring in moist rich woods along streams and in lowlands. The Falcate Orange-tip butterfly shows up when this plant blooms.
C. diphyllaToothwort
C. pensylvanicaBitter Cress
Carduus altissimusThistle
C. nutansMusk Thistle
C. pumilusPasture or Bull Thistle
Cassia fasciculate Partridge PeaPartridge PeaBlooms in late summer along weedy roadsides and edges of farm fields. A favorite of the Cloudless Sulfur butterfly.
C. hebecarpa Wild SennaWild SennaClosely related to the Partridge Pea and found in the same habitats.
C. nictitansWild Sensitive Plant
Castilleja coccineaIndian Paintbrush
Caulophyllum thalictroidesBlue Cohosh
Centaurea cyanusBachelor's Button, Cornflower
Centrosema virginianumButterfly Pea A sprawling vine of midsummer found mostly in open woods and clearings such as roadsides.
Cerastium glomeratumSticky Chickweed
C. holosteoidesMouse-ear Chickweed
Chaerophyllum tainturieraWild Chervil
Chamaelirium luteumBlazing-star, Devil's bit, Fairy-wand
Chelone glabra White Turtle HeadWhite Turtle HeadFound in late summer along stream banks, this plant blooms profusely when located in a sunny opening. Look straight into the blossom and see the reason for its common name.
Chenopodium albumLamb's-quarters
Chimaphila maculata PipsissewaPipsissewa, Spotted WintergreenCommon in mature pine woods. The fragrant blossoms appear in April and May but the variegated foliage is evergreen and evident the year around.
Chrysanthemum leucanthemum Ox-eye DaisyOx-eye DaisyCan be found almost anywhere under the sun - literally - roadsides, pastures, yards, powerlines
C. partheniumFeverfew
Chrysogonum virginianum Green and goldGreen and GoldA low growing composite with a long bloom period. Seems to bloom longer and more profusely in edge habitats with some sun.
Cichorium intybusChicory
Cimicifuga racemosa Black CohoshBlack CohoshFound in coves and on rich slopes. Blooms in early summer. Used as a herbal estrogen substitute.
Cicuta maculataSpotted Water Hemlock
Circaea lutetianaEnchanter's Nightshade
Claytonia virginica Spring-beautySpring-beautyOn a sunny day in early spring, the Eno lowlands are carpeted with this perennial. The natives boiled the round irregular roots for a starchy food.
Clematis crispa Clematis, Leather-flower
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