Flowing through all our Eno River Association education programs are the goals of educating, inspiring and engaging people of all ages to help them find their personal connections to the Eno River through positive experiences in nature. We believe that the work we do today to protect land and water will be secure only as long as people continue to care.

Our programs strive to make everyone a citizen of the Eno River, creating a sense of belonging to this place and being a member of the Eno tribe. We invite you to join kids and adults on the trails and at the river for hands-on and feet-wet exploration. Here are some of the of the programs, picnics and parties you’ll find going on through the year:

Be sure to visit our Google calendar on the main page of this website regularly for the most up to date listings of events and programs.

For more information contact or call (919)620-9099 ext. 204