Environmental education plays a crucial role in raising environmental awareness and gives individuals the tools to be good stewards of their neighborhoods and communities. When people become more environmentally aware, they are empowered to address, prevent, and solve environmental problems, be it through land and water quality protection programs, participation in water quality monitoring, creating pollinator-friendly habitats in their backyard, or adding environmentally ethical and sustainable practices to their daily lives. 

For more information contact or call (919)620-9099 ext. 204


Eno Environmental Education Exploration at the Festival for the Eno

Themed hikes and programs about history, geology, flora and fauna

Summer Science & Nature Day Camps: iWalk the Eno and Eno River Field Station

School programs – contact us at for educational programs about the Eno River, land & water protection, wildlife, and water quality

Citizen Science on the Eno – get outside and do some science on your smartphone!