land stewardship

Our stewardship staff works alongside dedicated volunteers year-round to protect natural ecosystems and increase access to natural spaces in the Eno River Basin. We work to protect Association owned conservation lands, as well those owned and managed by our conservation partners, such as Eno River State Park and the NC Plant Conservation Program.

Become a Stewardship Volunteer

We need volunteers to achieve our stewardship and conservation goals!

As a volunteer, you will:

Protect the Eno River.

Create greater access to natural spaces for your community.

Strengthen your connection to the Eno River basin.


Ways to volunteer:

Stewardship Workdays – Get outside with us and roll up your sleeves to help protect the mighty Eno. Common activities include invasive species removal, litter clean-up, and trail construction and maintenance.

Eno River Trail Stewards Program - The Eno River Association, Eno River State Park, and West Point on the Eno City Park have partnered to invite trail enthusiasts to assist park staff in trail maintenance. As a trail steward, you will adopt a City or State Park trail section to visit monthly, monitor for any issues, and perform routine trail maintenance.

Corporate Workdays – We welcome local businesses that donate their time to help us during the work week. This is a great opportunity for team-building and achieving your business’ philanthropy objectives, while helping us complete stewardship projects. We thank Burt’s Bees and Biomerieux for volunteering their staff time! Contact Stephanie Panlasigui to coordinate a corporate workday.


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If you have any questions or want to learn more, please contact Stephanie Panlasigui at (919) 620-9099 ext. 206, or email