land stewardship

The Eno River Association’s land stewardship program works to ensure perpetual protection of all Association conservation lands, as well those owned and managed by our conservation partners. Acquiring land is just the first step in protecting important natural areas. Managing the land to maintain and enhance natural ecosystems and elements of conservation value is a perpetual responsibility that requires thoughtful planning and year-round implementation. The Association has adopted management plans for each of the conservation properties it owns, and works with volunteers and other partners to implement them. Eno River Association staff and volunteers also assist the Eno River State Park, the NC Plant Conservation Program, and other local conservation organizations meet the management goals they have identified for their own conservation properties.

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Currently, we are keeping a watchful eye on the efforts to control the spread of Hydrilla, an invasive plant that was introduced to the Eno River.

Hydrilla, a fast-spreading non-native weed, is threatening our river!

  • It is growing in dense mats, affecting swimming, paddling, and fishing
  • It is crowding out our native plants
  • It is making it hard for large native game fish like White Bass to thrive
  • It is encouraging the growth of toxic blue-green algae that can threaten local birds

To learn more about efforts to monitor & control Hydrilla, visit our Hydrilla webpage.