stewardship volunteer opportunities


Volunteers are an invaluable resource for the  Association to draw on in order to achieve all of the organization’s stewardship and conservation goals.  Volunteer opportunities are not only designed to accomplish the land management goals of the Association, but are also intended to help create a a connection between volunteers and the natural environment of the Eno River basin.  There are number of volunteer opportunities currently available through the stewardship program:

Stewardship Workdays – Our workdays involve a number of different activities focused on maintaining and enhancing the aesthetic quality, as well as the ecological health of each of our properties.  Projects will vary widely depending on the management goals for each of the properties, and might include activities such as invasive species removal, property clean-up and maintenance, rare plant enhancement, or trail construction.  Stewardship workday events are listed within our membership’s quarterly newsletter, the Association’s website, and are emailed out as part of the monthly E-news and to our stewardship volunteer list.

Eno River Trail Stewards Program - The Eno River Association and  Eno River State Park have partnered to create the  Eno River Trail Stewards program.  This partnership looks to harness the power of trail enthusiasts to assist State Park staff in the maintenance of over 28 miles of trail.  The Eno River Trail Stewards are a group of dedicated volunteers who once per month walk their adopted State Park trail, monitor for any issues, and perform routine trail maintenance along the way.

Volunteer Land Steward - We are looking for some enthusiastic and dedicated individuals who are interested in becoming a volunteer land steward for an ERA property.  Volunteer land stewards are vital to insuring the long term preservation of the land that has been protected.  Stewards perform quarterly monitoring visits to their adopted properties and report the results to the organization.  Depending on the interests of the volunteer steward, additional activities such as property maintenance and cleanup, invasive species control, trail maintenance, and the facilitation of workdays or educational events can also be incorporated into the steward’s duties.


If you are interested in volunteering for any of the opportunities listed above, please fill out our volunteer interest form.  If you have any question or want more information about the Association’s stewardship program, please contact Stephanie Panlasigui at (919) 620-9099 ext. 206, or email