Dedicated to our Eno Friends

Tribute giving is a way to recognize, honor, or celebrate a loved one while also supporting a clean, free-flowing Eno River. We will send a card notifying the recipient or the next of kin, when provided, and they will be listed below and in our newsletter for one year.

Make a gift in Memory – Honor the memory of someone who has passed away. 

Make a gift in Someone’s Honor – Celebrate a special occasion or milestone, like an anniversary, a birthday, Father’s Day, or graduation. 

Establish a Memorial Gift

Many grieving families now request this type of donation to be made in lieu of flowers. Please consider letting our office know of your dedication and providing us the preferred address for tribute gift notifications. Email us or call 919-920-9099 x201. 

We recommend the following language: In lieu of flowers, memorial donations can be made to Eno River Association, 4404 Guess Road, Durham, NC 27712 or

You may choose to designate gifts to one of our land protection and stewardship funds or the Festival for the Eno, please contact our office to learn more: Email or 919-920-9099 x201. 

Gifts in Memory

From January – December 2021

Faila Allen
From Anne Atwell

Don Barry
From Martha Graham & Dana Baldwin

Kathi Beratan
From Ellen G. Dixon-Tulloch, Naomi Miller

Barb Birkhead
From Scott Birkhead, Don Moffitt & Sidney Cruze

Lauren Washam Bradshaw
From Beverly Botsford

John G. Buhrmann
From Lucy Buhrmann

Wallace E. “Wally” Burke II
From Marie & Wallace Burke, Sara & Randall Corriher

Hazel Cash
From Linda Cash, Cathy Cozart

Wayne Cash
From Linda Cash

Milton & Lois Colosia
From Ann Colosia

Gary Cutick
From Pete & Roz Fanello

Linda Davis
From Charlie Dill

Daniel Deter
From Gretchen Wolf

William “Bill” Taylor Dickerson
From Robin Crumpton, Norman & LaRue Davenport, Melinda Killenberg, Fran Parker

Rod & Millie Duncan
From Daniel Stipe

Sam Elliott
From Robin Cohen, Todd Dalrymple, Debra Barrett Ferrell, Elizabeth Klingseisen, Dorothy Loyd, William & Christine Yeager, Robert & Denise Yow

Emma, The Best Dog Ever
From Melissa McCullough

Kermit “Casey” Gilbert
From Virginia A. Gilbert

From Robb Levinsky

Norman & Ronnie Guttman
From Marjorie Guttman

Penny Hall
From Maggi & Ron Hall

Sallie Ray Harris
From Teresa Moore

Woodard Heath
From Robert Wiley

Becky Heron
From Carol Anderson, Duncan Heron, Jane & Phil Korest

Laura Herrmann
From Jessica Herrmann

Kinchen Holloway
From David S. Holloway

Jennifer “Kate” Howard & Sarah Moore
From Cathy Chandler & Nancy Blood, Deidre Lutz

Dongyun Ke
From Charles Lohr

Mary Ann Koon
From Janet Kasischke Cromer

Dr. Tom Kwak
From Gerald Pottern & Sharon E. Spangler

Allen Lloyd
From Chip & Melanie Liner, Evelyn Lloyd

Mike Lofgren
From Noel Miquiabas

Caroline Becker Long
From Croft Long

Judy Martell
From Lynn Maguire

Linda McGill
From Deborah L. McGill

Gloria Moran
From Robin Moran

Beverly Hines Moser & Denise Moser Livesay
From David Lee Moser

Phil Nelson
From Suzanne Epstein, Lee Lichtenwalter & Wayne Schnackel, Carrie Benoit Salemi, Mareah C. Steketee

Hacha C. Norris
From Patty O’Connor

Scott Nunnally
From Debbie Absher

Margaret Nygard
From Patricia Dickinson, Sandra & Steve Toler, Terry & John Wall

Wendy Olson
From Ellen McRae

Dr. Thomas “Denny” O’Neal
From Carol & Bill Charping, Beverly Dickerson, Helen Drivas, Karin & Marty Fitzpatrick, Ann & Tony Garcia, Carolyn Garcia, Johnathan Garcia, Jennifer Hurley, Liz McGuffey, Randall Neumann, Isaac Nicchitta, Joseph M. O’Neal, Keith Waldron

Lois J. Pearson
From John Pearson & Gail Goodling

Wade Penny
From Don Moffitt & Sidney Cruze

Ann Prince
From Mark Anderson, Michael & Mary Andrews, Roberta Barnes, Analie Barnett, Bohm Giving Fund, Tamara Dempsey-Tanner, Joseph E. Fargione, Jim & Dorothy Gerard, Mary Khoury, Erik Martin, Hervey & Jane McIver, Arlene Olivero, Merri Rudd, Kathy Seaton, Nancy Thall, Bradley Yelvington

Ann Prince on behalf of the NC Natural Heritage Program
From Jame Amoroso, Misty Buchanan, Ramona & John Bates, Stephen Hall, Stephanie Horton, Richard Leblond, Linda & Sam Pearsall, Scott Pohlman, Judith Ratcliffe, Linda Rudd, Mike Schafale

George & Mary Pyne
From Milo Pyne & Alexa McKerrow

Elijah Raymond
From Ellen Reinhold

Bill Reid
From Kathy Bonner & Tracey Lanier

Gerhart Richter
From Shannon & Steve Brown

Stephen Scarlett
From J Armstrong

Florence Shackelford
From Elizabeth McCarthy

David Southern
From Michele Hodgson

Timothy Spitzer
From His Poker Buddies, Bruce Pitner, Gavin Pitner, James & Deborah Vickery

Phyllis Stahl
From Mindy & Andrew Stahl

Jonathan Steere
From Peter & Susan Steere

Bess Williams Stephanz
From Clifford Boro, Kelly Clark, Lynn & David Harrington, Vincent Long, Gene Peele

Greg Taylor
From Carol Taylor

Jane Umstead
From Joan Curry, Cynthia Walker

Gifts in Honor

From January – December 2021

Dr. Nancy Allen
From Susan Booth

Claire Baker
From Barbara & Dick Rumer

Tom Beck
From Tony & Melissa Griffin

Dr. Gerald Bell 
From Christina Wise

Greg Bell
From Niklaus & Lucy Steiner

Lanier Blum
From Mindy Oshrain & Stephen Jaffe

Kathy Bonner
From Cherie Rosemond & David Woodmansee

Shannon Brown
From Tony & Melissa Griffin

Lucy Buhrmann
From John K. Buhrmann

Betsy Wooten Chapman
From Chips Chapman

Bruce Chinery
From Sandy Mouras

Galia Cohen-Black
From Aline Holzwarth

Dave Cook
From Jay & Elinor Williams

Thomas Dosser
From Emma Dosser

JD & Malia Dove
From Kelsey Van Dyke

Tom Driscoll
From Leslie Winner

David Eck & Mary Beth Ward
From John Eck

Marcia Eickmeier
From Lynn Wilson & Paul Killough

Todd Ellis
From Tony & Melissa Griffin

The Fantastic Staff and Leadership of the Eno River Association
From Nancy Cox

The Eno River Indian Tribes
From Jason Tickle

Essential Workers
From Diana Neunkirchner

The Fiori Hill Neighborhood
From Kate Kryder

Tina & Riley Forsberg
From Emily Susan Zell

Ryan Gaucher & Joanna Smith
From Elizabeth Railton

Virginia “Ginny” Gilbert
From Ann & Donald Sweeney

Mel Gilles
From Christine Cody

Ben Harrington
From Lynn & David Harrington

Emily K. Hill
From Jacob Boehm, Margaret Cochran, David & Patricia Hill, Martha Shepherd, Marlon Torres

Matt Hoover
From Dean & Carol Phillips

Adam James
From Jesse Vitela

Jason & Suma
From Susan Walters Hallman

Betsy Tyler Johnson
From Charlie Tyler

June the Wonderdog
From Holly Leddy

Jane Korest
From Ellen & Ken Reckhow

Joyce Kurpiers & Tim Kelly
From Stephen Crum & Eileen Kurpiers

Alice Langrall & Pete Zseleczky
From Anndrea Burns

Nick Lehman & Jessie Schmitz
From Ben & Lillian Spiller

Leslie & Adam
From August Conlin

Joe Liles
From John & Laura Campbell

John Lohnes
From Cherie Rosemond & David Woodmansee

Eric Luckenbaugh
From Mary Luckenbaugh

From Renee Keogh

Rachel Maloney
From Alastair Browne

Alex McGrew
From Tamara Martin

Joel Meyer
From Julia Meyer

Jay Murphy
From Mary Jo Murphy

Violet Mouras
From Sandy Mouras

Keith Nealson
From Nancy Ciaffone

George Ploghoft
From Becky Carver

Barb & John Pringle
From Susan Julian

Emily Purcell
From Scott Teeman

Abby C. Raabe
From FC Raabe

Chris Richmond
From Ann & Harry Wilson

Carol B. Rist
From Carl Rist

Harry Rosenberg
From James Stuart Kantor

Anne Sinclair Ruffin
From Dorothy Sinclair

Dick & Barbara Rumer
From Barb Rumer

The Saur Family
From Carol Saur

Russell Schmitz
From Katherine Shea

Fred & Louise Schmoock
From Gary & Lynn Schmoock

Scott Sipe
From Linda Lacy Sipe

Heather & Chris Smith
From Kuanyu Chen

David Sutton
From Anne Hogewood

Volunteers & Stewards of Public Lands
From Diana Neunkirchner

Travis Wardell
From Katie Heineman

Virginia Wertman
From Eleanor Wertman

Mike & Sarah Woodard
From Don Moffitt & Sidney Cruze