About iWalk the Eno

Science and Nature Summer Camp

iWalk the Eno was born in 2008 as a summer camp for rising 5th grade students in Orange County Schools funded by Burroughs Wellcome Fund’s Student Science Enrichment Programs. For twelve years, students have explored the Eno River through wildlife studies, meeting and working with scientists and conservationists, expressing themselves through art, music, and drama, and getting their feet wet doing hands-on science!

The camp has expanded to open up to all students ages 8-12 regardless of school district.  Middle school students are invited to return to work as volunteer Junior Mentors and share their knowledge and experience of the Eno with other kids. High school students are hired to work as Mentors alongside our education staff, using their enthusiasm for nature exploration and the Eno River to lead campers.

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[/wpcol_2third] [wpcol_1third_end id=”” class=”” style=””]Educators at iWalk the Eno Science and Nature Camp are licensed teachers who have a love of teaching in the great outdoors and doing hands-on science with young learners.