More Hidden Gems of the Eno

Our 2015 calendar features 12 wonderful, slightly off the beaten path places to explore along the Eno. Get outside and discover these sites of natural beauty and historical interest. Information on how to get there, maps to print out, and additional stories about what make these places special are found for each location.

How to Find the Hidden Gems

Geocaching:  If you have a GPS unit or a phone with an app that will guide you to the coordinates listed in the calendar, you are all set! Please be aware that there is no cache left at these sites, and we do not wish there to be one. We are ‘ghost-caching’- visiting these locations for the sheer joy of it, and leaving no trace of our presence. Take only pictures, leave only footprints.

Maps: If you prefer the traditional method of getting around, you can click on the links below for maps to each of the hidden gems.  If you like a topo map, visit and type in the latitude and longitude to generate a map to your liking.

Always exercise good judgment when seeking out these special places- prepare, tell someone your travel plans (park rangers love to know where you’re planning to go!), pack well, and be safe. Keep them hidden by making no path and leaving no sign you passed by.

Maps & directions to the Hidden Gems of the Eno

January – Pump Station

February – McCown-Cole Mill

March – Daffodils & Homesites

April – Wille Duke’s Bluff

May – Guess-Geer Mill

June – Christian Shy’s Ford

July – Initial Rock at Few’s Mill

August – Hidden Road to Cabe’s Ford

September – Hillsborough Riverwalk

October – Ayr Mount

November – Suspension Bridge

December – Buzzard Rock