Affiliated Hike: Black Meadow Ridge Hike

Note: this is not an Eno River Association program, but it is being done in partnership with us.

Join hike leaders Joe Liles and Kerstin Nygard on Saturday February 19th at 2:00 p.m. for a better understanding of the impact that a large development on Black Meadow Ridge would have on the City of Durham’s beloved West Point on the Eno Park and on our Eno River that we have worked diligently for over 50 years to protect for all to enjoy. 

Express your love and concern for the Eno River and the quality of water which flows within its banks. Meet at West Point on the Eno on Saturday February 19, 2022 at 2 PM  at the picnic tables in the side yard of the McCown-Mangum House for a short hike (1.6 miles) along the Buffalo Trail to Warren Creek and Sennett Hole.

Along the trail the view to the south will reveal Black Meadow Ridge, the natural area which will be permanently altered should the ridge be developed. You will view from Buffalo Trail the enormous majestic rock formations and the mature forest with stands of mountain laurel. Should the development become reality the rocks will be blasted away and the forest which is outside the City park will be leveled and graded.

The proposed manmade hardscape will offer little to no filtering buffer to the watershed and the resulting contaminated runoff will flow directly into Black Meadow Branch and Warren Creek on into the Eno River. Come walk with us where buffaloes once roamed. Later Native Americans and finally early settlers trod this same trail. For those brave at heart, we will help you navigate the stepping stones over Warren Creek and make our way a short distance to the spectacular and vast Sennett Hole, known to be the preferred swimming hole on the Eno. We will loop back on the South River Trail which rises high above the Eno to Black Meadow Branch and the historic sites at West Point on the Eno Park.

Once your heart is filled with the beauty of Black Meadow Ridge along West Point Park and the Eno River, and your head with a greater understanding of the problem, we ask that you submit a wholehearted and informed written comment to BEFORE 5 PM on FEBRUARY 21 & include “Westpoint” in the subject line.  Request that NC Division of Water Resources deny the water permit to the developer given the impact that the high density development would have on water quality in the Eno. Click here for more information about submitting a written comment or here to review our talking points to help inform your comments. You can also visit the Save Black Meadow Ridge website here


Rain Garden & Water Quality Clinic

Join our Rain Garden & Water Quality Clinic on April 9th from 9-noon. Experts from NC State University – Cooperative Extension will lead a hands-on workshop to teach participants to install and maintain a rain garden. Registration is FREE (and you will be helping the Eno by building a rain garden at our Guess Road office)!

This clinic will be held outside and is being offered rain or shine

FINALLY! Public Hearing on the Westpoint Development


To the dozens of you who spoke at that hearing about the devasting impact this project will have on the Eno and to West Point Park, THANK YOU! Your comments were passionate and perfectly on-point.
You can still submit a written comment to BEFORE FEBRUARY 21 & include “Westpoint” in the subject line!
Click here for more information about submitting a written comment or here to review our talking points to help inform your comments. You can also visit the Save Black Meadow Ridge website here.

This past October, the NC Division of Water Resources (DWR) received over 1,200 comments from local residents who DO NOT AGREE with the application for the Westpoint development plan, AKA Black Meadow Ridge. We are grateful to the Eno friends who provided comment.
The pressure you provided has prompted DWR to host a public hearing via WebEx on January 20th at 6pm. This could be our ONLY chance to speak publicly about how the Westpoint project will forever degrade water quality in the Eno River.

Sign up to speak up for the River on January 20th!

See the official notice, the registration form, and the WebEx link here. Registration closes at noon on January 20th.


Extended through

February 14th!

As an alternative to our cancelled New Year’s Day Hike for 2022, please join us for this self-guided hike program, designed to help you discover new places as you learn about the highest, deepest, longest, and oldest parts of the river. Completing challenges will make you eligible to win a FREE 2022 Eno Calendar (or equivalent Eno Store merchandise).

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Challenge Details


Complete as many challenges as you like to earn increased discounts on the 2022 Eno Calendar. 

Longest Trail

Longest Tributary

  • Visit Little River Regional Park or paddle to where the Little River meets the Eno from the Eno River Boat Ramp in Durham.
  • Little River Regional Park – 301 Little River Park Way, Rougemont 
  • Eno River Boat Launch – Red Mill Rd, Durham 

Longest Footbridge

  • Cross the West Point on the Eno Greenway Footbridge and let us know if you see any turtles or fish!
  • West Point on the Eno Durham City Park – 5101 N. Roxboro Road or 5253 N. Roxboro Road, Durham

Oldest Mill Site

Largest Festival

Highest Elevation

Deepest Place in the River

Deepest Water

Biggest Rapids

Furthest from a Public Road

  • Find Onion Rock from the Fews Ford Access. Take Buckquarter Creek Trail to Holden Mill Trail; the rock is located along the river as you head towards what is left of Holden Mill. Or you can see it across the river when you’re on the Cox Mountain Trail!
  • Fews Ford Access and Eno River State Park Office – 6101 Cole Mill Road

Wildlife Wildcard Bonus

  • Snap a pic of any wildlife you see on the trail! Submit up to two for two points!

New Years Day Challenges

  • Superlative Nominations – Between 12/26 – 12/30 channel your inner high school senior, and nominate your favorite parts of the Eno River basin across 10 unique categories. Nominations form here.

  • Superlative Voting – Join us on social media on 1/1/22 to vote on finalists for our Superlative nominations. Check out our Instagram Stories to see the finalists and vote.


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On October 25, the Eno River Association purchased 96 acres of undeveloped land, known as the Goss property, that will eventually become part of Eno River State Park. The Eno River Association has a long history with Eno River State Park, since the Association was part of the alliance that worked to establish the park in 1973. The Association has since been instrumental in the land protection efforts for the 4,500-acre park, especially in supporting the park’s master plan, which still has roughly 2,000 acres remaining to conserve.

“These 96 acres have been a priority acquisition for Eno River State Park for many years,” says Don Moffitt, President of the Association. “We couldn’t be more excited to have completed this acquisition that will eventually become part of Eno River State Park.”

The property is located on the northern portion of Eno River State Park in Orange County near St. Mary’s Road and is adjacent to the park on the south and east. The property provides a vital buffer between the park and the adjacent residential developments, protects 4,500 feet of Eno River tributaries, and high-ranking wildlife habitat and corridors.

Protection of this land will help maintain adequate supplies of safe drinking water critical to public health and economic sustainability as Triangle populations increase. The property contains 4,500 linear feet of tributaries of the Eno River and is roughly 3,000 feet from main branch of Eno River. The Eno River is classified by the NC Division of Water Quality as a Water Supply IV – Nutrient Sensitive Waters. The Eno River flows into Falls Lake, which provides drinking water for much of Wake County.

In addition to its stream frontage, the property contains significant slopes leading down from the corners of the property to the main tributary running through the center of the property and into the Eno River. If development had been allowed to occur here, these slopes could have experienced extensive erosion, introducing sedimentation and pollutants into the Eno River.

The December 2019 study, A Landscape Plan for Wildlife Habitat Connectivity in the Eno River and New Hope Creek Watersheds, North Carolina, identified the area as a high-ranking wildlife corridor. The land is covered in a mix of upland and bottomland forest, providing significant wildlife habitat and corridor, allowing movement between privately owned lands surrounding the property and Eno River State Park to the east and south. Protection of this property will also help safeguard important habitat by buffering two Natural Areas identified by the NC Natural Heritage Program: the Eno River/Cates Ford Slopes and Uplands and the Eno River Aquatic Habitat. A significant number of rare aquatic species are contained within the Eno River Aquatic Habitat including the Atlantic pigtoe, Roanoke bass, Eastern Lampmussel, Yellow Lampmussel, creeper, Notched Rainbow, Triangle Floater, and Neuse River Waterdog. This section of the Eno River has also recently been classified as “Critical Habitat” by the US Fish and Wildlife Service for the Federally listed Neuse River Waterdog and Carolina Madtom.

“Our parks and natural areas are now seeing an unprecedented number of visitors.” adds Moffitt. “We are dedicated to ensuring the parks in the Eno River watershed provide a safe and welcoming space for all visitors to recreate or seek solace.”

The Association announced the plans for acquisition of the Goss property during this summer’s 42nd Annual Festival for the Eno. Several donors came together to present a matching challenge to raise funds for the Association’s efforts on this project. Funding for the Goss project came from private donations.

Donations to the Eno River Association help support the expansion of parks and natural areas along the Eno. Make a gift.