Spring wildflowers on the Eno

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Acalypha virginica Three Seeded Mercury
Achillea millefolium YarrowUsed as an 'all-heal' medicinal herb, this plant is circumpolar and was familiar to early settlers. Colonizes roadside and field edges.
Aconitum uncinatum MonkshoodMonkshoodQuite uncommon on the Eno and elsewhere in the central piedmont. The basal rosettes show up in late winter but this shade-loving plant has flower stems that don't elongate and bloom until very late in the summer, barely before frost.
Actaea pachypoda Dolls Eye, BaneberryAgalinis decemloba
Agalinis decemlobaTenlobe Gerardia
A. purpurea Purple GerardiaPurple GerardiaA shrubby annual of the Figwort family that blooms in late summer and early fall. Found in open habitat such as powerlines and unmowed roadsides.
A. tenuifoliaSlenderleaf Gerardia
Agrimonia parvifloraHarvestlice
A. pubescensSoft Agrimony
Agrostemma githago Corn-cockle
Aletris farinosa Stargrass, Colic-root
Alisma subcordatumWater Plantain
Allium canadense Meadow Garlic
A. vinealeWild Garlic
Amaranthus species Pigweed
Ambrosia artemisiifoliaAnnual Ragweed
A. trifidaGiant Ragweed
Amianthium muscaetoxicum Fly PoisonFly-poisonA lily found in dry open woods. At one time, the bulbs were actually crushed and mixed with honey or syrup for fly poison.
Amphicarpa bracteataHog Peanut
Amsonia tabernaemontana BluestarBlue StarAn early blooming plant of woods edges. Closely related to Indian Hemp, both being from the Dogbane family.
Anagallis arvensis Scarlet Pimpernel
Aneilema keisakWartremoving Herb
Anemone lancifoliaMountain ThimbleweedLocally rare, being more common in the mountains.
A. virginiana ThimbleweedThimbleweedThe common name is derived from the appearance of the seed head. There is one very rare look-alike in NC.
Angelica venenosaHairy Angelica
Antennaria plantaginifolia Pussy-toes, Woman's Tobacco
A. solitaria Pussy-toes
Anthemis cotula Dog Fennel,
Apios americana Groundnut
Aplectrum hyemale Puttyroot, Adam-and-Eve
Apocynum cannabinum Indian Hemp
Aquilegia canadensis ColumbineColumbineAlong the Eno this plant can be found growing in the wild at Cox's Mountain. Frequently a cultivated garden plant.
Arabis CanadensisSicklepod
A. laevigataSmooth RockcressLesser Burdock
Arisaema dracontium Green Dragon
A. triphyllum Jack-in-the-pulpitJack-in-the-pulpit Denizens of low, swampy woods and edges, flowering in early spring.The bright red berries are very spectacular in the fall.
Aristolochia serpentariaBirthwort
Arnica acaulis Leopard's baneLeopard's-bane Early blooming (April) member of the Composite family. Common name means killer of leopards! Actually all parts of the plant are deemed poisonous to mammals.
Artemisia vulgarisCommon Wormwood
Aruncus dioicus Goat's Beard
Asarum canadense Deciduous Ginger
Asclepias amplexicaulis Clasping Milkweed
A. incarnataSwamp Milkweed
A. syriacaCommon Milkweed
A. tuberosa Butterfly weedButterfly-weed
A. variegata White milkweedWhite MilkweedGrowing in open areas, this tall summer milkweed attracts numerous butterflies. The floss from the seedpods was collected for life jackets during World War II!
A. verticillataHorsetail or Whorled Milkweed
A. viridifloraGreen Milkweed
Aster concolorEastern Silver Aster
A. divaricatusWood Aster
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