2023 Eno Calendar Call for Submissions – NOW CLOSED

We are pleased to share the theme for the upcoming 2023 Eno Calendar with you: Golden Anniversary – Celebrating 50 years of the Eno River State Park.

2023 is the 50th anniversary, also known as the Golden Anniversary, of our beloved Eno River State Park in 2023. As always, we invite you to submit your favorite photos from along the Eno for consideration to be included in the calendar.

For this calendar, we are asking for photographs of your favorite places within Eno River State Park. Keep in mind that images that are typically considered for the main 12 images are high quality vistas and landscapes, as they look best in large format within the calendar. Within each month of the calendar we include a variety of smaller photographs that might have a unique quality, or are a great photo of a neat organism you find along the River. And of course, photographs taken at golden hour or with a golden hue may produce a very fitting image for this year’s theme! Main calendar page photos should be at least 4275 x 3375 px. Smaller photos can be considered for other locations in the calendar.

In addition to photographs, we are looking for written submissions for consideration to be included in the calendar. We invite you to share stories of your adventures and experiences within Eno River State Park to potentially be included in part or in whole within the calendar. Submissions can be anything from a simple quote to a paragraph narrative.

Photographers: Please e-mail for instructions on how to upload your pictures into the Eno Calendar DropBox.

Writers: Please email your submission to for consideration.

2022 Calendar – The Superlative Eno

Celebrating the deepest, biggest, longest, farthest, highest, oldest and largest on the River. The Superlative Eno takes you on a tour of the Eno to visit and learn about some of the most notable places in the Eno River Valley.

The 2022 Calendar is available for purchase through our online store!

A huge thank you to our many fine Triangle retailers who support the Eno River Association and the community through calendar sales in their stores.

Call 919.620.9099 or click here to e-mail for more info on the Calendar.

Eno River calendars are $13 plus sales tax.

2022 Calendar Contributors – a huge “Thanks” to our community of photographers, artists, & writers!

Eno River Association Calendar Group: Dave Cook, Joe Liles, Fred Myers, Lindsey Schultz, Jay Williams, Linda Yao, and Hillary Harrison

Art By: Joe Liles

Photographers: Jack Benjamin, Michael Spears, Bill Boyarsky, Dave Cook, Scott Schneider, Jay Williams, Linda Yao, Tayton Alvis, Michelle Reader, Sheila Tayrose, Mary Mudd, Todd Nance, Fred Myers, Lindsey Schultz, Marshall McIver, Maria Bilinski Shain

Proceeds of Calendar Sales…
…support the work of the Eno River Association: buying and protecting land, advocating sensible public policy, providing environmental education and doing our best to make this a better world for all of us.

Thanks to Brian Schmidt of BJS Design Studio for substantial and sustained support of the Eno River Calendar.


Vintage Calendars
A limited number of calendars from previous years are available at the Eno River Association. Some are re-released annually during our end of year sale, while others remain in our archives but can be read or viewed by those who are interested in learning more about the Eno. Visit our online store to see what vintage calendars are for sale, or call (919) 620-9099 ext 204 or email to set up a time to see the calendar archives.