The 2021 Eno River Calendar – Our 50th!

The calendar is printed and being distributed to stores November 4th and 5th!

Would you like to contribute photography to the 2022 Eno River calendar?  Scroll to the bottom…

Our 2021 calendar is a soul-inspiring story telling and photographic  encounter with the Eno River.  As our 50th Eno River calendar we wanted to reflect on our memories and meanings of the river, parks, and Eno community. We hope it also inspires you to join our extraordinary journey to save more of the places you love along the Eno and its tributaries.

To Purchase the Calendar
A huge thank you to our many fine Triangle retailers who support the Eno River Association and the community through calendar sales. The calendar is also available at the Association office at 4404 Guess Rd., Durham. (During the Covid19 pandemic through our on-line store) Call 919.620.9099 or click here to e-mail for more info.  Eno River calendars are $13 plus sales tax.

2021 Calendar Contributors – a huge “Thanks” to our community of photographers, artists, & writers!

Eno River Association Calendar Group: Dave Cook, Joe Liles, Mac McFall, Fred Myers, Lindsey Schulz, Jay Williams, Linda Yao

Art By: Joe Liles

Photographers: Caio Setubal, Jeff Soo, Jay Williams, Sheila Tayrose, Holly Reid, Amanda McGuire, Joe Liles, Ann Louise Barrick, Diana Montgomery, Linda Yao, Susan Reeves, Kathie Drouin, Bob Sowa, Karen Gantt, Julie Thomson, Paul Travis, Scott Lynch, Todd Nance, Fred Myers, Christopher Boyce, Lindsey Schulz

Proceeds of Calendar Sales…
…support the work of the Eno River Association: buying and protecting land, advocating sensible public policy, providing environmental education and doing our best to make this a better world for all of us.

Thanks to Brian Schmidt of BJS Design Studio for substantial and sustained support of the Eno River Calendar.


 Vintage Calendars
A limited number of calendars from previous years are available at the Eno River Association. Some are for sale at $1 each, while others remain in our archives but can be read or viewed by those who are interested in learning more about the Eno. Call or stop by to see the calendar archives.

We are looking for specific scenes for the 2022 calendar.

Each of these will be a main photo but for each we also want shots of nature, history, and scenery in the vicinity for the insets. We are looking for all 4 seasons so we can choose which month they go into. If you include people make sure it is someone who gives you permission or we can contact to ask if they want to be in the calendar. For instructions on how to submit your photographs, e-mail

  1. Mountains to Sea Trail on the Eno
  2. Bobbitt Hole
  3. Eno Quarry
  4. Occoneechee Mountain Summit
  5. White Tailed Deer
  6. 1976 Folklife Festival at West Point if you have it in your archives
  7. Little River including the North and South Forks
  8. Farthest place on the river from a public road about 10 yards downstream from Onion Rock, on the Holden Mill Trail.
  9. Bullfrog
  10. Big Rapids – rocks at Fews Ford between Buckquarter Creek Trail at the wooden steps and Fanny’s Ford Trail
  11. Longest Trail Bridge – pedestrian bridge at West Point
  12. Synott’s Mill Site (Sennett Hole vicinity)

Each of these represent the “most” of some category on the Eno.

All photographs included in the calendar are considered contributions to support conservation of the Eno River.  No compensation other than a free copy of the calendar is provided.