the Little River journal

Eno Journal – Little River Issue

This special Little River issue of the ENO Journal, #9 of the series, focuses on the natural and cultural history of the Little River basin.


Table of Contents

VOLUME 9 NUMBER 1,   2000

Upstream from the Little River Reservoir, James Applewhite

Early and Recombinant Lore of the Trading Path in the Vicinity of Little River in Durham County, David Southern
An important early roadway, the Trading Path, was first used by Native Americans, then by early settlers. The Trading Path crosses the Little River basin. This paper traces the location, importance, and history of the Trading Path through part of the Little River basin.

William Johnston: Eighteenth Century Entrepreneur, William S. Powell
This paper is a speech given by William S. Powell and published in The Durham Recorder. William Johnston was responsible for Richard Bennehan’s move to Orange County to operate his Little River store. William Johnston was the treasurer of the Transylvania Company, the group responsible for Daniel Boone’s exploration of Kentucky and the founding of Boonesborough, Kentucky. Johnston lived in Hillsborough and later on his plantation, Snow Hill, in present-day Durham County.

From Lewis’ Heartleaf to Yellow Flowered Trillium: The Nature of The Little River, Elizabeth Pullman
The plant, animal, and natural communities within the Little River basin are significant contributors to the well being of the river itself. This paper draws from the Durham and Orange county natural inventories and other sources to survey the non-human communities within the basin.

High Noon at South Lowell, Jean Anderson
This paper presents a local history overview of the South Lowell Community in present Durham County including South Lowell Academy and the many activities of Rev. McMannen.

 A Photographic Essay: Orange Factory
This collection of photographs of the Orange Factory community highlights the rich heritage of this unique co