Environmental education plays a crucial role in raising awareness and giving individuals the tools to be good stewards of their neighborhoods and communities. Our programs empower youth and adults to address, prevent, and solve environmental problems, be it through land & water quality protection programs, participation in water quality monitoring, creating pollinator-friendly habitats in their backyard, or adding environmentally ethical and sustainable practices to their daily lives. 

Upcoming Eno River Association Programs

Come Whittle by the Eno – Wood Whittling Workshop – Saturday, August 6th 9am-12pm

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2022 Eno River Calendar

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Education Catalog for

Small Group Programs

To help support schools, students, and families this fall, we offer small-group educational programs delivered by our staff or cadre of trained education volunteers.

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Programs are customizable, and in many cases multiple activities can be combined into one session. The cost for each program is $30 per hour (for a group of up to 10), prorated by the half hour and invoiced two weeks prior to the program. If the fee is a barrier to your participation, please let us know and we will work with you. Please email to learn more and to request a program.

Eyes on the Eno

Educational Programs

We’re adapting to provide you STEM and conservation information that you can access from your home or when you’re out on the trail.

Featured Video: Fanny Breeze: A Formative Figure in Eno River History

Eno River Coloring Pages – Learn about the creatures that live in and along the banks of the Eno River while you unleash your artistic side. Downloadable, print-at-home coloring pages are available on our website — more added weekly. You can also buy the complete Eno River Coloring Book in our online store.

Eno River Herpetology Safari – This 20 minute video safari takes you through our favorite places along the Eno River to find snakes, frogs, toads, lizards, salamanders, and tadpoles. Eno River Association Education Coordinator Dave Cook – a certified Environmental Education instructor and former Park Ranger is your guide for this slimy and scaly adventure!

Fantastic Fish of the Eno – Join us for a quick video journey of discovery up the Eno River highlighting some of the incredible life below the surface. Over 60 types of fish live in the waters of the Eno. This is because the Eno River remains a free-flowing stream — one of the cleanest rivers in North Carolina.

Notorious Eno: Ghost of Cole Mill – Blood stains that can’t be removed, reports of strange noises & lights, headless ghosts walking the mill race… Put the kids to bed, turn down the lights, and tune in for the retelling of this gruesome story. Originally prepared for a fireside story-telling member event, Dave Cook Education & Outreach Coordinator, goes on site to take us back to the 1800s along the Eno River. This content may not be entirely suitable for younger viewers, so parental previewing is encouraged.

Of Rock & Water – Dancing lizards and singing frogs, toxic salamanders, hidden creatures with 3 jaws and 150 teeth, vultures watching above. Find out why we were excited to visit this unique habitat tucked away in the backcountry of Eno River State Park: Bacon Quarry.

Wildflowers of Penny’s Bend – Eno volunteer and retired botanist, Milo Pyne takes you on a wildflower walk to learn to identify and understand the plants at this beautiful preserve — as in bloom in April. Diabase conditions and open areas support more than 46 difference plants at this 84 acres preserve, a peninsula bounded on 3 sides by the Eno River.

Notorious Eno: Eno River Rescue – The events of March 4, 1993 told on scene by eyewitness Ranger Dave. Two canoeist clinging to a tree in a raging and flooded Eno River. This is the story of how the got there and the daring rescue.

Annual Eno Education Programs

January – May: Themed hikes and programs about history, geology, flora and fauna.

June – July: Summer Science & Nature Day Camps: iWalk the Eno and Eno River Field Station

July: Eno Environmental Education for Kids (EEEK!) at the Festival for the Eno

September: Stream-in

We support schools and community groups with educational programs about the Eno River, land & water protection, wildlife, and water quality.

Contact us at to learn more or you can call us at (919)620-9099 ext. 204.

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