wildflowers and other plants in the Eno River Basin

coneflowerWildflowers of the Eno video by Duncan Heron.

“A Selected List of Herbaceous Plants of the Eno River Valley” compiled by Molly Bernheim, George and Mary Pyne and Boyd Strain appeared in the Eno Journal, Vol. 5 No. 1 dated Spring 1977. The plants are list in alphabetically by scientific name following the Manual of the Vascular Flora of the Carolinas by Albert E. Radford, H.E. Ahles and C.R. Bell (Chapel Hill, 1974).

A pamphlet titled “Wildflowers and Other Plants Along the Eno River” was referenced in the Journal. It was probably published in 1977 and may have been included as an insert in the Journal. An earlier pamphlet titled “Wildflowers along the Eno River” was published perhaps in the early seventies. The pamphlet list is arranged alphabetically by common name and includes shrubs, trees and ferns not in the herbaceous plants list.

The lists have been combined. If you see a serious omissions or errors, please let me know.

The list has been updated from information supplied by Liz Pullman. Many new species have been added and a few deleted. The common names conform to the USDA/Plants lists. We thank Liz for a job well done.

Some of the plants are linked to a picture. In time other pictures will be added. Would you like to add your flower image? If so, the image should be sharp and show features that aid in identification. It would be best if sized at about 400 X 300 pixels at 72 to 144 dpi. I can size if necessary. Your name will be credited to your picture. Send at this email.

All images by Duncan Heron unless otherwise noted. Source and credits for species list and common names here. Comments by species with photos are by Liz Pullman.

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