Eno River Association conservation lands

While the majority of the land that the Eno River Association has protected can be found in several local parks and nature preserves owned by our conservation partners, the Association does own and steward 277 acres of natural areas and 829 acres of conservation easements throughout the Eno River basin. These lands were protected for a variety of reasons, including helping to protect water quality, conserve significant natural areas and rare species habitat, create outdoor recreational and educational opportunities, maintain working farmland, and provide wildlife corridors by connecting adjacent protected areas.

ERA Owned Nature Preserves

  • Blue Indigo Slopes Nature Preserve
  • Confluence Natural Area
  • Coulter Conservation Area
  • Dimmocks Mill Conservation Area
  • Matheson Conservation Area
  • Old Oxford Nature Preserve
  • Open Air Camp Conservation Area
  • Rees Conservation Area
  • Stanley Nature Preserve
  • Tanglewood Conservation Area


ERA Conservation Easements

  • Brumley Forest
  • Buckquarter Creek
  • Infinity Farm
  • Rocking B Ranch