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Field Station 2022

July 18-22

ENO RIVER FIELD STATION takes students ages 12-15 out of the classroom and deep into discovery of their environment. Field Station is held at the Confluence Natural Area on the West and East Forks of the Eno River, outside Hillsborough, NC. Every day the students interact with scientists, researchers, science teachers, and environmental experts who make discovery and learning fascinating and fun.

Our program focuses on experiential learning. Our emphasis is on developing interest and skills in environmental sciences, respect for each other and nature, and building self confidence. We examine what lives and grows on the Eno, how the land and climate affect what lives here, and do authentic research into what is around us. Our week includes a canoe trip on the lower Eno to the junction with the Flat river and an optional overnight campout and exploration of nocturnal zoology.

Daily Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9AM to 5 PM. Wednesday 9AM to midnight with option of camping overnight. Bus transportation to and from Hillsborough pickup at 8:30AM and return at 5:20PM.

Field Station is outdoors, hiking trails, wading creeks, exploring forest, paddling rivers. The Confluence Natural Area has a large pavilion, restrooms, parking, and trails.


Here is what we expect in 2022: hummingbird banding, botany surveying with iNaturalist, aquatic snails, frogs of the night, bat capture and survey, climate field study, aquatic macro-invertebrates, air quality examination, exotic invasive plant eradication, fish survey, reptile and amphibian capture and inventory, mussel survey, tree ring coring, geological mapping, nature journaling, chemical water quality analysis, insect survey. (Note that not all students will get to do all the activities which is why they need to come back multiple years).

Fees-Field Station costs $225 for the week with an additional $20 application fee. Daily lunch, Wednesday supper, breakfast on Thursday, and snacks are included.

Age Groups – Students are placed in groups of up to 13 people by age and led by certified NC school teachers.

Scholarship information-families needing assistance can apply for a scholarship to cover the cost or receive a discount. Full and partial scholarships are offered based on family income. Any student qualifying for the free or reduced price federal lunch program will qualify for  a full or partial scholarship. If you have other financial circumstances to consider, please contact us. We recommend you may contact us directly before registering on-line for a scholarship application but if you register on-line first, please fill out the scholarship application included with the camp confirmation e-mail. A $20 application fee is still required to reserve your space at Field Station. When applying on line on the payment page select to pay in installments and pay $20.

Información sobre becas – Ofrecemos becas completas y parciales basada en su salario. Cualquier estudiante que cumple los requisitos para el programa federal de almuerzo gratis o rebajado puede recibir una beca completa o parcial respectivamente. Contactanos si hay otras circunstancias que podemos considerar para una beca. Si cree que califica para una beca, le recomendamos que se ponga en contacto con nosotros directamente para una solicitud de beca antes de registrarse en línea. pero todavía podemos hacerlo si te registras en Field Station en línea primero y después de inscribirse para Field Station, va a recibir un correo electrónico de confirmación de la inscripción que tiene un enlace para la solicitud para una beca. Aún si recibe una beca, todavía necesitamos una cuota de solicitud de $20 para reservar un espacio para su niño en Field Station. En la solicitud para pago para Field Station, selecciona paga en cuota y paga $20 para cada niño. Cuando recibe el correo electrónico de confirmación de inscripción, abre el enlace para becas y completar la solicitud.

Are you already registered? Information will come out in early July with packing list and bus transportation information. If you do not receive it e-mail enofieldstation@enoriver.org or call (919)620-9099 ext. 204.

Don’t apply to Field Station if you don’t want to get wet, splashed, or rained on. We don’t have time to change clothes during the day. Don’t apply to field station if you aren’t going to participate in all the activities. We know every activity isn’t everyone’s favorite but kids who want to pick and choose what they participate in make it hard to maintain discipline and accomplish our purposes when they sit out on things including the field work, games, journaling, and group gatherings. Every year we turn away students so don’t take a space if you won’t be fully engaged.

Review our cancellation and refund policy.

Registration open January 15. All questions in the application are in English and Spanish. For a paper application e-mail enofieldstation@enoriver.org or call (919)620-9099 extension 204.

Registro abre 15 Enero. Todos preguntas en el solicitud son en Español y Ingles. Para un aplicación papel correo electoníco enofieldstation@enoriver.org o llama (919)620-9099 extensión 204.



Eno River Field Station is supported by major funding from the Burroughs Wellcome Fund Student STEM Enrichment Program and from Duke Energy.