cultural history

From the rich, pre-Colonial Native American settlements along its banks, to the first European exploration of the Carolinas, to NASCAR’s inaugural season, and through the present day; the Eno River has been central to the development of our local cultures.

Anothy(sic) Cole and Susan Browning Cole. ca. 1875. Portrait of the owners of Cole Mill photo courtesy of the Durham County Library. All rights reserved.

Throughout our history, the Eno River Association has endeavored to present original research, publications and presentations on the diverse peoples who inhabit, and have inhabited our watershed. To this end we publish journals and calendars, collect and commission oral historys and photographs, and present the annual Festival for the Eno. Some of these publications are linked below.

photo by Larry Lamb

West Point Mill

Video of the Eno River Mills by Duncan Heron.

Historical and Cultural Museums – The Eno River has a long, rich history waiting to be explored. From a recreated Native American village to a Civil War site to an historic southern plantation, cultural resources abound through the river basin:

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