You Can Help Eno River State Park Get the Money it Needs, and it Will Only Take 5 Minutes

Eno River for Facebook 20150805-compressedIf you love Eno River State Park, voice your support for House Bill 943, the Connect NC Bond Act of 2015. The bond allocates $3.7 million to the park for a visitors center, additional parking at Fews Ford, and a pedestrian bridge over the Eno at Pleasant Green Road (a much-needed connector for the NC Mountains-to-Sea Trail). The park is chronically underfunded, but that could change if House Bill 943 passes.

Other versions of the bill fund parks, but leave Eno River State Park out completely. It is critical that our state senators hear from you so this version moves forward!

If you live in Orange County, contact:
Valerie Foushee


If you live in Durham County, contact:
Floyd McKissick


Mike Woodard

Thank you for taking 5 minutes to let Senators Foushee, McKissick, and Woodard know how much
Eno River State Park means to you!   

Thank You for Another Successful Festival!

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Great weather, music, food and fun – plus a lot of helping hands – made this year’s Festival for the Eno one of the most memorable.
Thanks to each and all for coming; see you next year if not before!

2015 Festival for the Eno - July 4 and 5!  Tickets available now!!!

Annual Meeting: Insiders Outside at the Confluence Natural Area

West Fork of the Upper Eno River at the Confluence Natural Area, photo by Kathy Lee

Please join the Eno River Asssociation for our 2015 Annual Meeting at the Confluence Natural Area Saturday, October 11.
1:00 Potluck lunch & Brief business meeting to elect officers
2:00  Guided tour of the property & refreshments

The address is 4214 Highland Farm Rd., Hillsborough, NC 27278.
Come enjoy beer, non-alcoholic beverages, and a potluck lunch in the open air. The confluence, and extraordinary 179-acre property with four miles of river and stream footage, is not open to the public and has not formal trails. Dress for the weather and wear walking shoes or hiking boots. Feel free to bring friends & family! For more information, call us at 919-620-9099 or email

Holger Nygard Memorial Service August 1

Holger and Margaret Nygard

Holger and Margaret Nygard

A memorial service will be held to remember Holger Olof Nygard at 11 AM on Saturday, August 1st, 2015 in the Nelson Music Room in the East Duke Building on Duke’s East Campus. In addition, later in the day, Jennifer, Kerstin, and Erik Nygard with their families invite one and all to honor Holger at 6 PM at Yggdrasil, 4015 Cole Mill Road in Durham. Bring a dish of your choice for a potluck dinner on the lawn in celebration of Holger’s long and good life. We encourage you to dress comfortably. Musicians are invited to bring their acoustic instruments to join in song to celebrate Holger’s life.


Herbicide Treatments Taking Place May – September 2015 and 2016

The Eno runs clean and clear because of nearly five decades of protection by the Eno River Association. But the news isn’t all good. An invasive plant called Hydrilla is taking over much of the river. It’s crowding out native plant species and having a negative impact on recreation. It also harbors a toxic blue-green algae that is harmful to water fowl and predators like bald eagles and ospreys. Research by NC State University and NC State Parks suggests that Hydrilla is spreading downriver at a rate of up to one mile per year and could soon become a nuisance in Falls Lake.

After considering a number of options, the Eno River Hydrilla Task Force, a group of 16 local governments and federal and state agencies, has begun a 2-year experiment to apply Sonar Genesis© (fluridone), an EPA-approved herbicide manufactured by SePRO Corporation, in the river. The application is taking place from Lawrence Road in Hillsborough to Roxboro Road in Durham, through Eno River State Park and West Point on the Eno Durham City Park, where the plant is most active.

Fluridone will be applied continuously from late May through September in 2015 and 2016. There are no swimming restrictions and the herbicide is considered safe for people, fish, and wildlife. Fluridone has been used to control Hydrilla in Lake Waccamaw State Park since 2013. If you have concerns about the exposure to children or pets, please read more from the Eno River Hydrilla Management Task Force at

Donate Your Old Vehicle & Benefit the River

If you have an old car, boat, RV, jet ski, motorcycle, or other vehicle taking up space in your driveway or garage, you can now donate it to the Eno River Association and support the permanent protection of land, water and wildlife in our community. We have partnered with CARS to make the process as easy as possible. Just call 855-500-7433 or fill out this simple web form. CARS will come to your house and tow or haul the vehicle away, give you a receipt for tax purposes, and send Eno River Association a check. So, what are you waiting for?

Land on the Banks of Pea Creek Protected

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Eno River Association has completed the acquisition of the 17.52 acre Rees Property in eastern Orange County, about 1000 feet east of Eno River State Park.  Joe Rees, who served on the Eno River Association’s board from 1996 to 1999, donated the property to the Association. The Rees property is identified as a high priority parcel, within the top 2% of all properties in the Eno basin, in the Upper Neuse Clean Water Initiative watershed protection plan. The forested property will provide wildlife habitat and permanent stream buffer protection for approximately 2,480 linear feet along Pea Creek, a major tributary of the Eno River.  Joe Rees’ generous land donation is enhanced by a grant from City of Raleigh to the Association’s stewardship endowment as part of the City’s program to protect the headwaters of Falls Lake.

Full Recovery Within Sight for Eno River Association

When a Durham city sewer main flooded the offices of the Eno River Association with untreated sewage in January, the group found itself with a huge mess to clean up and repair costs of over $100,000.

“It caused a complete upheaval. We were forced to relocate, and dealing with the damage has been time-consuming and expensive.” says the group’s Executive Director Robin Jacobs. “It helps that we’re such a resourceful organization. But we’re ready to put this chapter behind us and move on.” The group needs to raise just $X more to complete renovations and return to their building on Guess Road.

Despite the incident, the conservation group has continued saving land in Durham and Orange counties. “We’re in the middle of a project that will add 88 acres to Eno River State Park and have several others in the works upstream of Hillsborough,” says Jacobs. The group’s Sunday afternoon hikes and outdoor workdays are ongoing, and registration for iWalk the Eno, a science and nature summer camp for third, fourth, and fifth graders, is underway. “We’ve also just applied to renew our national accreditation,” adds Jacobs. “The public comment period for that is now open.”

By ordinance, the City of Durham will only cover up to $15,000 in sewer damages. In February, the group asked council members to foot more of the repair bill “Donors were telling us that they thought this should be on the city’s shoulders,” continues Jacobs. The city responded with an additional $25,000 grant to the organization. The Triangle Community Foundation, the Conservation Trust for North Carolina, the Cannon Foundation, and several individuals have also made major gifts. “The support we have received from the community has been extraordinary,” Jacobs added. “Now we need just a little more help to get us to the finish line.”

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the City of Durham Sewage spill at our Guess Rd offices, the clean up, and rebuilding efforts to date.   Check back for updates.

Update on the damage from the City of Durham sewer main spill

Here’s what the damage and continued impact of the City of Durham Sewer spill looked like 5 days later (Friday, 1/16/2015)   Here’s a link in case you’d like to make a donation.

Please note that our  backyard is now closed to hikers and river access due to environmental contamination.

Failed Durham Sewer Main Damages Eno River Association Headquarters – Video Below

Over January 10-11 weekend,  a city sewer main serving much of north Durham backed up, flooding the offices of the Eno River Association and Festival for the Eno with untreated sewage and causing major damage to the building. When staff arrived at the office Monday morning January 12, they found sewage spewing from the toilets and flowing throughout the building.

A video of some of the damages is below.

An extensive environmental cleanup  is currently in progress and visitors are asked to stay away until things at 4404 Guess Road return to normal. The Association has temporarily moved to space at the offices of Epting and Hackney Attorneys in Chapel Hill. The Eno office phone is being checked for messages remotely. Updated phone numbers for staff will be posted here soon.

Repairs, which will include partial demolition and reconstruction of the building’s interior, will take several months. Preliminary estimates put the cost at as much as $100,000, most of which will not be covered by insurance. The Eno River Association is requesting donations from the community to help cover the cost of the damages. Contributions may be made here and a wish list of items and services will be added to this website shortly. A fundraiser will be also held Saturday February 21 at the ArtsCenter in Carrboro. No volunteers are needed at this time, but we will keep the public informed as this changes.