FINALLY! Public Hearing on the Westpoint Development


To the dozens of you who spoke at that hearing about the devasting impact this project will have on the Eno and to West Point Park, THANK YOU! Your comments were passionate and perfectly on-point.
You can still submit a written comment to BEFORE FEBRUARY 21 & include “Westpoint” in the subject line!
Click here for more information about submitting a written comment or here to review our talking points to help inform your comments. You can also visit the Save Black Meadow Ridge website here.

This past October, the NC Division of Water Resources (DWR) received over 1,200 comments from local residents who DO NOT AGREE with the application for the Westpoint development plan, AKA Black Meadow Ridge. We are grateful to the Eno friends who provided comment.
The pressure you provided has prompted DWR to host a public hearing via WebEx on January 20th at 6pm. This could be our ONLY chance to speak publicly about how the Westpoint project will forever degrade water quality in the Eno River.

Sign up to speak up for the River on January 20th!

See the official notice, the registration form, and the WebEx link here. Registration closes at noon on January 20th.

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